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Monday, April 30, 2007, 5:52 PM

i'm changing my url to in a week or so. remember to relink.

Me and My Dreams,

4:45 PM
long time no see, eh?

you know during CNY my mum bought a pack of chocolate eggs called Magic eggs. I found out that it is almost finished. Guess who at the most? i'll put the answer at the end of the post. it's to increase the suspense. don't scroll down. that will spoil the purpose and waste my effort.
let's update from last week okay?
last week english oral was funny. i said something stupid like 'as i did not have a fear of heights, i had a difficulty to put my feet on the wall to er... climb down." Mdm Shamsidah was actually AMUSED!!! no fair........
CHinese oral was a breeze. i escaped conversation as the talkative me talked too much for picture and the teacher couldb't find anything to ask me. I forgot what fertilizer was in mandarin so i paused for one long while and the teacher was actually grinning when she asked me, " gei zhi wu she mo?" i didn't know she could smile. i thought she had long forgotten how to smile. i was grinning this huge grin all the way home and a teacher from school saw me and guess what she said? she said"your oral was good right?" i was so SURPRISED!!! i nodded my head and stared at her. i know it's rude to stare but i cannot help it
caleb brough a spring and boy! we had fun playing with it, picking pockets, stealing umbrellas and water bottles along with pencil cases. i hooked my spider (if you can remember which one. the one i found in the com lab) to it by using a needle to poke a hole and i brought it to tuition and malcolm tried to scare ms chin with it! and when he failed, that ungrateful brat said that it was not fun!!! next time i'll jolly well refuse to lend it to him if not for caleb.
Sunday was fun! i went for my sunday youth club and this sec 2 boy... let me tell you about him. last year, he kept asking me to do errands for him and i didn't refuse as i didn't bother to. waste more energy. then in december, we all went to this camp (sorry i didn't blog about i. it was all vegetarian lah!) in Malaysia desaru and after a campfire and everyone went to sleep, i strolled on the grass near the beach as it was dangerous to go to the beach. he cornered me and... said he liked me! i was like, dumb-strucked. i blinked at him and cocked my head as if to tell him to explain. he said that after i made the jumping clay thing and gave it to him (as i thought boys would like it more as i didn't want it! too boyish, dogs. the rest of the girls had nicer things. i made myself another pig.) he started liking me. crazy ah?! i looked at him as though he was mad. then i turned and continued walking. the next day i forgot all about it and when we went to camp (with tents, etc.) in the wilderness, there was no more girls left and i was stranded with..... guess and i bet it's right. i spent mot of my nights shootiing pictures of nocturnal animals.
ok. back to the point. he stopped asking me to do errands!!! i can wonder why.
next. today, was suuperb except for exams. those ppl who cannot sleep dun nid to eat sepping pills anymore. just listen to our listening comprehension cd and try to do the paper. you can fall asleep man! the compo i wrote 3 5 pages and i can't belief i got bronze for the MAths olympiad!!! my prayers have been answered, especially the one i did at the church. it's true. hey! i DO go to church, shammah, i can imagine you thinking, "liar". i know, i know. hrumph. i got to learn a harry potter song from [harry potter and the chamber of secrets].

that's all i've got to share. the big moment is here! the answer.(if you dunno what's this about, reread the post)

ans: WRONG!!! most of you guess my brother right? it's my mum. surprised? i betcha you are!!! the very health-concious mum. eating chocolates. yeah right. who are you kidding, fiona? you must be thinking that! i know. if you ask her she will deny but ask my bro. he will tell you.

Me and My Dreams,

Monday, April 23, 2007, 4:36 PM

boring day.. damn. i cannot blog.................

Me and My Dreams,

Sunday, April 22, 2007, 10:24 PM
(being disobedient)

just a quick update though nrs raymond said no.

go to then click the 'Ny get hyped' button. it's sort of a school blog.
why don't i make life easier? ok click this straght away. i only got a COP cert for my music competition and if i get bronze for maths olympiad, it is a miracle.
By the way, good luck to everyone for oral tomorrow and the day after. Cheers!

Me and My Dreams,

Thursday, April 19, 2007, 2:52 PM

Darn! My mum chnged my computer password so i cannot log in without her. WHy is that???? when i had my own pass, i didn't think about computer all day, even in school! now that i don't have it, i keep thinking about it in school. so i am sneaking a blog with the excuse of my science project. damn. i'm using the laptop and there are so many ants coming from it. when has the laptop started becoming an ants' nest?

Me and My Dreams,

Monday, April 16, 2007, 8:24 PM

i know, i know. all of you people are going to keep telling me how my blog, my blogskins, my posts, et cetara (if you dun know, i kinda like using tha instead of etc.) So i didnn't blog for along time. Not that shocking! I stopped blogging for half a month before!!!!! so how can you say this is BAD!!! I am feeling stressed bacaused i am not feeling stressed for the exam. Actually not stressed. Just worried. AARGH!!! now that i mentioned it, i am feeling totally stressed now!!! I am reading a book called, Milicent Min, girl genius. Her character is ABSOLUTELY like me other than the fact that she has no friends and i have plenty, she lives in America and I live in SIngapore, She skips grades while i stick firmly to the education system (DAMN! how i wish i was so smart since i can skip ONE WHOLE YEAR WORTH OF HOMEWORK. if you cannot understand that forget it), she has a absolutely nice collection of Shakespeare while i have NONE!!! (not fair. she likes basically almost every poet while my favourite is Shakespeare. so why don't i get even a SINGLE shakespeare. dun tell me i've read them i want the orignal version, not the storybook classics kind of shakespeare. I WANT POEMS!)
I saw an advertisement for a play in Fort Canning Park a midsummer night's dream by shakespeare and the original poetic kind!!! AWESOME!!! i'm begging my dad to let me get tickets when it is almost BOOM! in the middle of my exams. my dad says that i've such an interest why not let me get exposed to these things and prepare myself for literature. Mum says that no. it is my exams blah blah blah.
Hey another chance to persuade her. wish me luck!

Me and My Dreams,

Friday, April 13, 2007, 9:35 PM
DAMN SHIT!!!!!!!!!

STUPID YIHUI!!!!!!!!! who ask her to play my maple account? who ask she to DIE!!! who ask her to take out all the ores and wwaste thousands of mesos? who ask her to play that character??? WHO ASK MY BRO TO GIVE HER BROTHER THE ACCOUNT AND LET HER FIND OUT ABOUT THE PASSWORD AND USERNAME??????????????? I"M GOING TO ASK JUN HONG TO CHANGE THE PASSWORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me and My Dreams,

Thursday, April 12, 2007, 5:12 PM

ok. i haven't blogged for like, a week as i was obsessed with maple. I'm having a whooing cough that seems to lead to bronchitis and my napfa, i passed everything! I passed broadjump with the help of a teacher!!!! YIPEE!!!!!!!! as long as i pass, i'm satisfied. i found my spider. Itsy bitsy spider, climbing up the wall....... I am so bored and guess what? i sold a garnet ore for 6k when it is worth only at most 2k! (maple, if you don't realise)

Me and My Dreams,

Tuesday, April 03, 2007, 3:55 PM

Today was ok lah. Mrs Raymond taught us how to write a diary entry. i seriously did consider to write my blog entries like that but it is too troublesome. I'm presently addicted to Fahreinheit and S.H.E. and Diana Ross songs. We changed seats. i nearly sat beside Caleb but luckily Mrs Raymond put Jun Jie between us. She nearly put De SHun beside Nicole but the whole class went,"ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh....." And you know what she did? She said,"Wait wait wait... let me get this straight. Either Dee Shun likes Nicole or Nicole likes De shun. Which is it?" Every body else said Nicole. I glanced at Nicole to see a flicker of Disappointment which disappeared as fast as it came when she saw me. then a look of neutralism came on. (Neutralism is MY lingo.) I guess we have quite a united class, don't we?
Before, when we were learning situational, Suan Yong told me that when Mrs Raymond banged his table dunno for what reason, His pen fell onto the floor and broke. Only the clip part what! We were talking and asked if he wanted me to tell Mrs Raymond. He shook his head then Mrs Raymond asked if she broke his pen. When she asked me i glanced at Suan yong and said,"Er... dunno." and looked away. Kimberly, TAKE NOTE!!! I am NOT a blabbermouth.
During lunch Gabriel Gabby picked up a rice which dropped from his plate of chicken rice and fell onto the table and put it into the top part of my styrofoam lunchbox. I saw it and screamed at him. "Hey!!! Why you do that???!!!" I used my finger and picked it out. Then i went to wash my hands. After i came back, i glared at him and Patrick said, " WHo ask you to shake the chair." What? i mean, what has me shaking the chair(which i obviously couldn't choose not to do as i was getting up!) "Ni yi hou bu hui you hao ri zi guo de! (you will not get a day of peace from me!)" I threatened Gabriella Gabby. Hrumph. He prefers to be called Gabriella so i purposely call him Gabby. "Ohh... ohh... de zui ren le! (ohh...oh... you offended someone)" said some boys. Then Gabby started acting like a girl and many people laughed. i snorted at him. Kimberly said she hen pei fu my guts. For what? May i ask. I mean if you were in my shoes, you would do that as well. I nearly grabbed his lunch and threw it in his face but the consequences stopped me from doing it. DAMN GABRIEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is such a brat.

Me and My Dreams,