depresión desesperación I have been hurt
Wednesday, November 28, 2007, 10:05 PM

I took a test from Golden Compass.
My daemon is Sereno, an Ermine Daemon (a nice name for a soul in the form of a nice white rat.)
My profile shows that i'm not modest usually, assertive, proud, loud spoken and outgoing.
Sereno is a male daemon, as human and daemon pairs are typically the opposite gender. =D

Sunday, November 25, 2007, 1:49 PM

Well, i rewatched STardust yesterday and now my BROTHER is going on and on about it. I'm like totally bored so i found a new show to watch on youtube. It's called Green Forest, My Home. Esther Liu (Yan Yan) is acting in it too. =D
The main male characters are ultra suave but i like the part where they are kids. They are super cute. =D

Saturday, November 24, 2007, 5:29 PM

Well, i missed the bowling. Totally. And the gathering wasn't warm at all. AT ALL. And there was a buffet but no vegetarian. Considering there were 2 familes of vegetarians there. POOH!
And my dad's colleague were advertising the fact that I got 276. Why, it's ME who got it, Not them. Neither did my dad. And my bro wanted to stay back for bowling when the rest of our family wanted to window-shop. I spotted a few desired items but even if i said so, my mum wouldn't agree and think of some stupid reason to convince me out of it.

I saw this Singtel handphone shop and Sony Ericsson shop and dedcided that i don't want W880i anymore. (Ok. The arial font is getting nicer and nicer so i'll go back to this font. =D) Anyway, I saw this superb phone i want. W660i or W580i. I prefer the latter, although it's slide. Slide phones are usually more problematic. W580i is shaker too. So that's a bummer. I don't like shaker phones. If i accidentally shake it, then the consequences would be dreadful. Then crap, i saw this absoulutely nice phone. I have been eyeing the Nokia Xpressmusic ones for like a century, like Tiffany's 5300 but the turn one is like, so horrible.

now you think that i'm some stupid stuckup prat. Oh crap. the probability that you'll ignore me for life is like, 100% but sorry. just sorry. i don't know what else i can say but pls, forgive me and let me have some good memories before i turn into a total elite prat. I prabably will unless my friends support me and tell me HARSHLY to change. like what shammah did to you. i think i'm changing now but i will revert. i promise and try not to be too frank. sorry.even if you hate me for life.

8:39 AM

Today, My dad's office (Changi Airbase) has it's anniversary.
[to kidnappers or people who are tempted to kidnap me in exchange for government secrets: Don't dream... I would give up my life for the country, my dad won't be so stupid, exchanging 4 million lives with one, and I DON'T THINK HE KNOWS ANY SECRETS! Booya! =D]
Last year was free tickets to Wild wild wet, this year is a day of fun at Marina Square. We're supposed to go bowling this morning. My bowling has imporved by leaps and bounds and i remember the first time i went to Shammah's house to bowl, i was like, so much lousier than Mally and Jun Hui and etc... Now i'm much better! =D I've improved by leaps and bounds but then my horrible terrible (maternal) grandmother called to say that she is not feeling well. OF COURSE SHE'S NOT FEELING WELL! SHE LOVES TO GET SICK, LOVES TO GO TO THE DOCTOR'S BUT DUMPS ALL HER MEDICINE AWAY! OF COURSE SHE IS SICK! Ahem... sorry. ignore my unfillial and rude comments BUT SHE IS SO.... never mind. Then my dad has to send her to the doctor's and there's a chance that i might miss all the bowling!!! My dad still thinks that i didn't get drains (i did but very few) as there were kiddy blockings on the drains of the bowling alley. 还这么看不起我, 气死人了啦! Anyway, we might miss it.

However, we still get to watch the movie, there's a choice of Bee movie and Stardust! My dad's colleagues went to youtube and watched Stardust and they said it was boring! This morning, 7 plus, my dad told me there was a choice and i ranted on and on, wen tot wikipedia to find the plot and to youtube to watch. We found out that the clips that his colleagues watched were from the 1976 Stardust!!! HAHAHAHA! LAME-O! I tried asking Nicole to go as she really wants to watch STardust but she needs to get home by four and the movie ends at four. Awwww.... Too bad. Sorry Nicole. I think the tickets for Bee Movie are running out but the Stardust tickets have a lot left over as everyone thinks that Stardust is boring, boring, boring. YAY FOR ME! GO STARDUST!

I think that double enter can paragraph right? The tab button wouldn't work. so sad. I think that i will do this next time but i just feel like typing and typing and typing as it is quicker and much easier than writing my a diary and it saves paper too! =D Environmental friendly...

BTW, I got EESIS! One of the best scholarships. Only the top one-third pupils entering Independant school will get it. The ones going to independant schools are already the top but the top one-third of it... YES! THAT MEANS THAT I WON'T BE ONE OF THE STUPID ONES IN NANYANG!!!! =D =D =D =D =D

Anyway... My cousins thought i was deprived when they heard i was going to a girls' school. No boys, they said. Lalala... the HCI boys will be taking the same bus at the same bus-stop. so... deprived?

Thursday, November 22, 2007, 2:05 PM
YAY!!!! 276 276 276 276

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 276 276 276 276 276
I'm crying ever so badly!!!!
I GOT 276!!!! WOOHOO! PLus higher mothertongue is 278! HMT counts in NYGHS!
I won't be in the last class in Nanyang...
When i got to school, i was clinging and squeezing my mum's hand ever so badly and when i sat down, i was neaerly crying when Mrs Dass was talking. i was so scared. Everybody else was talking and stuff but the talkative girl shut up for once. Even Ivy was rather fidgety and anxious. I wonder what she got. When Mrs Dass announced that Jun Hui was third (I don't give a damn about the EM3s, sorry), I was even more afraid but everyone else was like, Fiona, you third already, so scared for what. I mean, what if the boys, Jun Hong or Malcolm became super clever all of a sudden. When Mrs Dass told me my marks, i was crying. She said i was GOING to cry but i was already crying. When Tiffany got onto the stage, she hugged me. We must have been the first two pupils to hug on stage.
When i got my results, i was so overwhelmed and people swarmed around congratulating me. I was too dazed. I went to find my mum and met Ms Toh (Mrs Chantal Chan) and Mdm Carol Lee. I found my mum and while i went to look for Tiffany, she chatted with Ms Toh. It was rather cool.
Let's hope Jun Hui gets into Nanyang (cause we got around the same marks, we should be in the same class), Tiffany in RGS with Michelle, and Jun Hong gets into NUS or RI, Mally... 260, i dunno. HCI? His english... shouldn't go to RI or ACI. I didn't know Gavin was so good. 266. Jun Hui said he cried that he overshot hi goal by 20 marks. I thought that the paper was too easy but if the paper was too easy then we would have gotten lower, right? Must have been we were highly trained by superb teachers and got high in hard papers. The 294 malay girl is like, super smart lor. And she's pretty...
Anyway, when i got home, i called Mr Mike, my maths tuition teacher, first thing and told him mine, Jun Hui's, Tiffany's and Malcolm's score. Actually, he asked me to tell him their scores. Then he was jumping over the moon. I got Ms Chin's (english tuition teacher) from him but i'l blog that later... He said he wanted the photocopies of your results slips so i was like, ok. He wanted to meet us today. Then i MSNed Tiffany and she was like, NO! Mr Mike called her but it was in vain. No Go. too bad. I called Jun Hui and she said she was going to Nicoleeee's house (Toffee Tiffy Tiffany, sorry i copied you =D) but could walk over.
I don't mind if Mr Mike gets a payrise. He has been a nice teacher. If it's for advertisements... i mean, for us nobodies, getting our faces on banners is great. I mean, it's a big deal for me, i'm not daniel radcliffe and get my face plastered all over buses and billboards. He promised me that if i give him my result slip, he would give me $20. I took it happily. I mean, my parents weren't going to give me anything as a reward. I didn't ask for anything (Except that... and that... and that... Just joking. I only wanted a meal.), getting the grades were fabulous enough. When i went there, i saw Mr Mike and gave him my results and all the aunties (clerks) were like, Wah! All stars ah! So clever... *pat pat pat pat pat* luckily they didn't pat my head. I hate people patting my head. Too much head-patting might result in brain damage... just kidding. =D Then i called Jun Hui and she said she was coming then but she'll be going home to get her results first and Shammah, mandy and Nicole would come first, kaypo. Then Mally answered the phone. ( finally, Mr Mike was screaming. ) And i found out he went out for lunch. He was going to come down now/then. He came down, handed his results slip to Mr Mike and i said, You will get $20. He didn't want to take and i saw Shammah, Mandy and Nicoleeee. He was like, WHy are they here. I said they Kaypo mah. Come with Jun Hui one lah. he was like, chey. (what's biang... it's appearing all over Shammah's picasaweb.)
WHen Mr Mike tried to give him the money, he refused and started running away but then, Mr Mike threatened not to give him back his result slip if he didn't take the $20. He came back with the $20 in his fist and i was laughing like mad. He made a face. It was 超暴笑 lor (translation: It was incredibly hilarious). And then Jun Hui came running up and brought along her result slip and report book. Malcolm asked her why she brought her report book. She said it said report slip. Sorry, Jun Hui, my bad. Sorry. =D You're magnanimous...
Then she took the $20 without protesting. i mean, who doesn't want money? My pocket money is like, dwindling. Mally is crazy.
Now talking about Ms Chin. SHE'S SO HORRIBLE! I ASKED HER TO GUESS WHAT I GOT AND SHE SAID 243!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is like, 33 marks lesser!!!!!!! OKok... She was jumping when i said i got 276, jun hui got 275. SHe asked for Tiffany's and she was like, flying like siao when she heard 284. The last pupil who got 280+ was 5 years ago, the highest for the past 4 yers was 250 at most. No more. Even 251 wasn't achieved. =D When I said "Mally, er... Malcolm got 260." She was like... "Who's Malcolm? Oh, the boy ah? So playful also can get 260. How about Kimberly?" She was utterly disappointed. But when i asked her which language i should take she said either Japanese (Jap) or French. I think i still want Jap. Although many say French is easier, I want Jap. Although i might die doing it, i don't want to give up. Jap is interesting. Tiffany is taking Jap.
If Gavin or Malcolm go to BPGHS (Bukit Panjang Govt. High Sch.), I'll say that their stupid, dumb, moronic, etc. 266 and 260 leh.... Go to BPGHS is a total WASTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. If anyone wants to call me, call my handphone. If you can't get through or i changed my number, call my house phone. =D

9:33 AM

I'm like freaking out and Tiff was so stressed that her nose bled. I couldn't sleep a wink. Marsiat called to ask if her sisters could go along, i said preferably not. Mrs Raymond mentioned it before. I'm getting ready to go now as Mrs Raymond would be there by 10.45 and release the results at 11. i want to see if the sign 283 is there. I wonder if i would get better then tiffany and if JunHong or Malcolm would get top 3. Hopefully not. I'm like, freaking out and singing songs to calm myself. i usually listen to pop or rock but now, i'm listening to a bit of heavy metal. crazy liao ah. Okay. Someone whose name is TOO sensiive to mention thinks that i'm trying to be cool and am a poser. I am not. Not all heavy metal are crazy. And i stil don't really like them. So there.
I think i will post my results later...

Wednesday, November 21, 2007, 9:07 PM
Shammah's Invite

Shammah's invite was brilliant but tomorrow is not. Results, duh. If you don't know that...,
Anyway, we I walked to the bus stop opposite concord, by the way, the weather was smashing, the breeze was so... just smashing.
Then i was crazy over the bus. We then walked to 'Stop 2' to pick up jun hui and nicole. i could have walked to stop 2 and saved energy but my mum told me to exercise and lose weight. I mean, it was nice, walking so i did anyway. Or else nothing she said would persuade me, i mean, she can't follow me all the way right?Jiayi and XuanYi appeared too.
Then Mally was saying that, cannot jaywalk lah, there's an adult but usually, the adults more dare to jaywalk. SO in the end, without our saying anything, comprehensive to JunHui's mum, she told us to jaywalk. the end.

Everybody was like laughing like mad. Then for whatever-reason-i-forgot, we started talking about traffic rules. POOH!

When we reached there, we started lazing and playing police and thief. I totally dunno how to play and when Jun HUi 'murder' me, i saw it as blinking and kept asking shammy fine, shammah... and Malcolm (no gigi, it's not disgusting. Don't think i can't come up with some stupid name for you...) if blinking counted. I'm like, stupid. don't laugh. HEY! t was kind of creepy and Shammah turned on her metronome to add on to creepiness of it.
Then Shammah started teaching us some kind of card game called Bridge and to many, it was confusing but to me(the girl with high IQ) it was understandable. (fine, fine, i'm ego and obnoxious... =D)

Speaking of obnoxious, i know that i don't consider anyone except one, as my enemy but many dislike me as i am obnoxious. One even had the nerve to write in my grad paper(the one MrsR gave out) 'You may be obnoxious, but you are still a great friend. (especially to Tiffany)'. i wonder who wrote that. i kinda agree.

ok. where was i?ok. Bridge. It's this game in which you have to... forget it, to confusing. And SHammah and Malcolm were referring to game called Titee(did i spell it correctly?) and 21 something... i'm a total loser at poker card games. The first round Fahmi was Shammah's secret partner (which means me and Malcolm were partners, unknowingly) then it was the same. Then they played some blokus. and i was lazing away. Then everyone was lazing away and out of nowhere began talking about the chocolates we bought for the teachers. i only bought one ritter sport for Mrs Raymond. We had to choose our pizzas and out of my 10" Veggie lover from rite pizza, i only ate about 3 slices. ok, that may be a lot but for me, it was little. i was starving 3hrs later but i could diet and there were chocolates and chips and coke. the cherryade tasted a lot like medicine. Aunty Siva (in school next year i will have to call her Mrs Koh) was telling them off about sending me away to eat my pizza. They argued that i didn't like seeing ppl eating meat but i never said that. When i stare i'm always trying to figure out what they are eating and remembering whta it looks like so i will recognize non-vegetarian food in the future. duh. sending me away is not nice, people.

After lunch, we went to play crocodile in the rain. On my gosh, it was so fun but i was stupid sometimes. anyway. After that we went back to the house and lazed around. I think it was then they were arguing about what to called Shammah's stuffed dog. Those who wanted it to be called Doggy voted and those who wanted it to be called Lucas voted. I preferred Doggy myself (i called my stuffed toys Teddy and Doggy no matter how many i had)but i rooted for JunHui, so did Kimberly. Malcolm said jokingly that those who voted Lucas to leave and JunHui rose to leave (i think jokingly) but when Kimberly stood up to leave very seriously, she had no choice but to leave as well. That's in my opinion...I didn't leave as Malcolm was joking. If i left, i couldn't go home. My mum would shoo me out and tell me to come home later. She plans things very carefully. They had no choice to come back when JunHui forgot her bottle.

We played bridge again and first, it was Shammah with 3 aces, then it was me with 3 ces and my partner, mabel had the other ace. I had a king too so it was 5 sets sure win. in the 3rd game, we realized it was time for bowling and went down. It was so fun. In the first time i went bowling there, i though that Malcolm was better at it then me but i was much lousier then. All through the months my brother was teasing me about it so i went all over the net to study the dynamics of bowling. And when i tried yesterday, i got a strike! We brely played a round when time was up. Shammah's side was playing their 2nd round. Poor mabel, couldn't find a size which fits her and couldn't play... JunHui was a top scorer but she didn't want to play.

Then when i thought we could go back to the house and i could get some water, they decided to go to the playground. i didn't drink anything from 4pm and they played until 6. It was fun, very fun. Malcolm threw paul the walrus into the bushes and i helped to search for it, wetting my jeans and pricking my fingers. This girl who don't like touching plants and doing these disgusting stuff submerged her legs in the bushes. and then i ssucked my bleeding wounds, it tasted bitter. Then when i go home, i had a stomachache. I ate sodium sulphate. Sodium sulpahte causes you to have diarrhea for 1 hour after 1 hour of consuming it. It will clear out most of the waste and toxic, including the poison. And Malcolm didn't even say thanks.

Then my mum said i could go home at 6.30 but everyone was leaving so there was no point staying. Kimberly and Jiayi, Xuanyi got lost so Junhui, me, Gigi, Mabel and Malcolm had to wait for them to get unlost. Mabel started drinking water and i was like, i am so thristy although i didn't say it. Mally was like, don't drink water in front of me, i didn't drink from 4. No surprise. Gigi was like, never mind, i don't need water or something like that. Pooh. Mally wanted to go into the Thai temple to ask for water but i refused point blank, asking him to go himself. I mean, how can i be sure that the water was clean??? In the end no one went. I do not like drinking from temples, those that are like, erm... buddhist or something. I simply do not like it. No offence but i'm very very particular about my water.

So when they didn't come out until 6,30pm, some people were anxious that they would get scolded, like Gigi and Malcolm. HE had used my phone to call and tell that he was already going home. Luckily his mother didn't answer, No, i'm not afraid that he would get scolded but when mothers scold, it is usually for a long, long, long time. He was using MY phone, you get it? Just kidding, just kidding.

JunHui and her mum had to go and look for the lost people and finally we could walk home. duh. Kimberly went to the market for dinner and let me tell you, no matter how much you want to try vegetarian food, don't try it there. It is super oily, fried, burnt and disgusting!!! the vegetarian food i mean. The new stall is like, lousy. The old one was delicious and as i knew the owner, i had discounts. Walking home was not as fun as walking there and most were depressed about tomorrow...

Tuesday, November 20, 2007, 4:02 PM

well, i'm not going to upload pics. go to my page
and see them.
And if you want to download songs, go to and you can download a program which enables you to download most english songs.
anyway... i'm going to do what Kimmy and Shammy (hemhem XD) did on their blogs. i smsed kimmy for permission and she told me to sms Shammy and i got it! YAY!

Tiffy, You're the best. Through thick and thin, you've been accompanying me, believing in me whatever i said. I know that you doubted me sometimes and lied to me but still thanks for everything. You really were what kept me holding through, i would have given up if not for you spurring me and acting as my yardstick... You've been the only one whom i can count on to listen to me yapping on and on about some stupid show or drama. NO, we haven't had any ups and downs, we've never quarelled from the start. Actually, you'll be what i missed most in my years...
Mars, you're great too but even if we've had our ups and downs, we're still good friends forever more. You always seem jealous that i treat Tiff better though... hmmm. =D
Ramy, you are always so jittery and endured the years of me terrorizing you. Although your guts grew this year and it was your turn to boo me. =D I'll never forget you. You're always so thoughtful and considerate.
Yea, thanks for teaching me a lot of stuff. I know i quite disliked you at the beginning but I've beginning to grow fond of you over time that you're now one of my closer friends. Thanks for everthing, joking with me, and stuff. and sorry about me disliking MC. It's not from the bottom of my heart, i just do it purposely. =D i dunno why. but it is just too confusing. Some jack, john, etc. etc. i actually skip the posts on your blog which erm. is totally about mc. sorry. I mean, you've been a great friend. really. that's from the bottom of my heart. sorry bout teasing you about molly so often and poking you even more. don't worry, you won't die of poking. i'm tiffany's poking board too! XD
Shammah, i can always count on you to cheer me up, comfort me about anything i'm upset about. Thanks for helping me to live again. Sorry that i always go running to you when i'm nearly dying but leaving when you helped me live once more. You've been such a good friend that i think you're the second thing i won't be able to live after leaving Concord after Tiffany.
Erm... although you're also one of my closer friends, i dunno what to write. Thanks for the songs, the... i dunno. everything i've received from you is so general... thanks, still thanks.
Jun Hui
JunHui, thanks for being a great companion from time to time. Without you, tuition might have been lifeless and there would be one less reason for me to go to school. You're great!

Thanks for being so optimistic...
Jun Kang
The crazy nutcase in class! =D You were one of the spirits of 6A.
Erm... no offence but to me you're only one of the furniture in 6A. sorry. but you wouldn't care, anyway. You'd probably think i'm like, too ego.
(yes shammah & Kimberly, i'm horrible.)
What's the next silly song?
Jun Hong
Your jokesare brilliant and thanks for partnering me to the Toy Museum when i had no one to partner. I realized that you were reluctant then. Gratitude and Apologies.
My ex-bestfriend. But to me, you were only a good, good buddy. You seemed to dislike Fiona the leech then. Sorry bout it.
You were a nice guy before and after you joined Molly.
You have been a nice person in class although you didn't write in my grad book as promised. BTW, thanks for 'saving' me when i nearly bashed up my head on the drain in P1. at least you ran to tell the others...
Gabby, you've been a good friend when i sat next to you.
Edward (Eddy warddy)
The 'lil extra. no offence. =D you're funny.
You've been a fab friend, in class or in Choir.
Chee Teck
hanks for all your songs!!!! They're great! I mean, i wouldn't know such wonderful songs exists is you didn't send them to me.
Molly Mally, you've been a nicer friend these days. I've lost my phobia of you. But you are really really dominating sometimes. and you treat me like Kimmy's 代替品 from time to time. That's sad. Thanks for the friend part, though.
And the fact that many people in our class 变黑 (静默者黑; 黑means '坏', take note of the inverted commas) is credited to you. You are the 'blackest' person in class. So i can't imagine such a 'black' person like you likes such a 'white' person like Kimberly.
你真的很棒! You've been a really cool friend, especially in choir. I really can't imagine choir without you nor Elaine, who's left for HenryPark with her bro, Eugene Lim.
Mr funny guy. yea. Bye. what??? You're really funny. thanks. bye. actually, i don't think i really would remember you. sorry.
Hui Ying
Thanks for being such a nice friend. And with you, life's interesting.
Jun Sheng
Thanks for monkeying around but when Mrs R is in a bad mood... i pity you...
What can i write? nothing
you've been a good friend
erm.. furniture of 6A
Seow Hwee
erm. good classmate?
Ya, everything is my fault. i'm responsible. whatever my mu doesn with your mum is none of my business.
Jia Hui
Suan Yong
You've been a good friend, and companion especially when you sat beside me!!!! =D
Wee Kiat
Jun Jie
Entertaining friend. you're forever coperative when me and caleb do pranks on ppl.
You're so sweet, humourous and try to cheer me up whenever i'm down! You're so nice. i think you're better than Xuan yi, don't worry.
Xuan Yi
You're still nice, just like a clone of Jia Yi and your sense of humour is 超暴笑! Really hilarious. and your artistic skills cannot be doubted. (that goes for Jia yi too.)
You're really creative and smart when it comes to pranks and practical jokes. WHen i was P1, i thought you were the smartest guy in class, even smarter than Eugene Lim. =D Too bad you used your intelligence in the wrong place. You should put of it in your academics.
YOu're such a good friend too. *giggles*
I know many people will object to me putting you more but thanks for befriending me when no one would, thanks for standing up for me and sticking with me through thick and thin, no matter whether i got scolded or praised, you were always with me. You to me is like what Tiffany is to me now but a little less. Too bad you 学坏, but in my heart i know that you're not all that bad, no matter what others think.

ok. that's done. Anyway, i'll bring my camera tomorrow and take some pics. I think i'm really really slow...

3:28 PM

Today was not much interesting. I'm still listening to 5566 but more of English songs from bands like Take that, Linkin Park, singers like Celine Dion, Jesse McCartney, Hillary Duff, etc. Still boring. Very BORING.
Tomorrow will be Shammah's party. Am i supposed be excited? I'm not exactly excited, nor looking forward to it, not because i don't like to shammah's but it means one more day towards the release of our results. I think i'm going to get like, 250+. I think i'm going to kill myself. How am i supposed to survive in Nanyang if i get such results? and i will be in the last class. I don't think i will get used to it, it'll take quite some time... i've been in the first class since P1...
I was really, really, tempted to do putty face (miniclip) on Mdm Mona Lee's face or Shammah's face but i still did not... quite a waste but i remember that teachers could read my blog so...
Actually, since we graduated, nothing much happens and i cannot type sensitive things now cause hem hem (that reminds me of Dolores Unbridge) the seaweed (me and Tiff call her that) i mean YiHui from 5D (hahaha good luck to you under the torture of Mrs R!!!) is poking her abnormally large nose into other people's business. (That's from the Marauder's Map in Book 3) =D I mean she's sitting beside me... hemhem erm... actually, i'm like, dragging this post on and on... with ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO WRITE!!! DAMN i mean darn... i shouldn't erm... swear??? Does that count? Old habits cannot change so easily. (i forgot the idion for that, sorry.) And i still do not know what or should i say who, made Mrs R so upset. Maybe one of the boys? no, cannot be. They don't have blogs... 6C? hmmm....

Monday, November 19, 2007, 6:43 PM

Lots of things happened. Marsiat's bday party was ok. And i successfully watched HSM2 on my com. My aunt downloaded it from the Internet. I really don't know what to write. I used to write about my friends but my heart is filled with sadness about leaving and anxiety about my results.

BTW, Jiayi and Xuan yi found a owl perched on one of the water pipes under their void deck.
see, how cute!it's a baby owl. He called me then my dad brought the twins and the baby owl to Jurong Bird Park. They put it in a plastic rubbish bin with a fishing net over it. How innovative. My father thinks that the twins have a very good relationship.
Somehow, i'm not so crazy over the 5566 dramas but over the films Stardust and Titanic now. And people, it is really important to check your mail, sometimes, something really, really important might be waiting for you...

Friday, November 16, 2007, 8:06 AM
Farewell Night

Farewell night was fabulous. I took a lot of Pics with the girls but i left out some people, like JunHong, etc. I should take them on Saturday. I think my appetite has decreased. A few cakes can now satisfy my hunger. You should look at some of the boys, eating and eating and eating. anyway, Tiffany had the nerve to do something that even CALEB won't do in front of me. You know there are two bones in the chicken? SHe pulled them, one in each hand, up and down, up and down like flexing muscles. How insensitive. Anyway, many people think i look like a nurse but nevertheless, i think that my outfit was nice. Anyway, i'll be wearing something else on Saturday...
It was rather sad yesterday night, i cried myself to sleep....

Sunday, November 11, 2007, 5:22 PM

Tomorrow there is still the jumble sale. i wonder if i have blogged about it yet.
Anyway, i think there is PE tomorrow... Tiffany will be wearing her new glasses, by the way. She told warned threatened me not to blog it as Mrs Raymond reads blogs now. On a second thought, i'll blog it, for Mrs Raymond's sake. =D GO! Mrs Raymond, tell her to wear her glasses 24/7 =D But people, don't tell Tiffy i blogged. Mrs Raymond, know you read my blog before, how else would you know i'm stuck to the computer all day???

Saturday, November 10, 2007, 2:09 PM

well, things are ok... and yesterday's science trail was hell. Michael and Fahmi got scolded oh-so-badly by a teacher. serves them right but I had to take over their s=counter while they sulk. and jun hong was not all that good at telling the brats at our counter to stop playing and the noise level was an all-time high. Today's jumble sale only a few ppl turned up. 6A quite a few took the consent forms but only me and mally were there. What happened to Kimberly? anyway, richmond was being a nuisance. We managed to convince Hong Lao Shi to extend the sale to Monday. we need to go by 8. most of my enid blyton books were gone. YAY! my bro was so sore... why would he be? weirdo, i doesn't even read them, not even when he was young. anyway, profits were little. we sold a lot of stuff below cost price. damn it.

Thursday, November 08, 2007, 2:23 PM

Well, i had a nice Birthday. 6/11 =D Mars gave me a calendar diary, Ramya a book and tiffany JIE JIE =Dgave me a second one, a keychain. =D
We (Tiff and I) went for a movie yesterday at Jurong point. She recognized it and said, "OH! it's the qing tang place!" and dragged me to drink the qing tang after buying tickets for Stardust. Stardust was lovely and fabulous! I mean, it was a fairytale but it was rather action packed. Medieval one lah. =D i'm keeping the ticket as a souveneir. =D

Saturday, November 03, 2007, 12:20 PM

my grade5 theory was horrible. i lost at least 15 marks already... boo hoo. no, it's me, not my fever. no excuses made. and yesterday, the fullscreen function in youtube wasn't working but today, it is! HURRAY! anyway, when i told my cousin that i couldn't go and play with her (she's like, 5) as i had a fever, she was so upset. then she heard me tell my mum that i was hungry. you know that sick ppl are not supposed to have an appetite right? she was so smart and said, "Liar. you just don't want to play with me." after i assured her that i would play with her after i recovered and that i was really sick, she hung up. damn it. i hate playing with my cousin!!!!

Friday, November 02, 2007, 2:57 PM
sick... AGAIN!

sick... AGAIN!!! DAMN IT! anyway, i've watched westside story, it's not all that bad after the first episode. Actually, it's GREAT! i'm rewatching it and i've taken up maple again. I'm having a fever and being cooped up at home is horrible. and a fine time to be fever-ing, my grade 5 theory exam is tomorrow!!!! DAMN IT! anyway, i dunno what i blogged now. too lazy to blog nowadays...