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Monday, January 28, 2008, 9:25 PM

Sorry for not blogging in such a long time. My blogger had faced some stupid problems.
Well, i got into bnd and my parents allowed me to go to Japan with the band in June. =D I'm playing the euphonium. hehe.
And last week, ased alot of my friends if i would look stupid if i rebonded my hair. All said yes except Malcolm. He was the one whom i thought would say that i would look hilariously riduculous and exaggerate until... point taken? I was so shocked. How do you think I would look?

P.S. When's the class gathering? Saturday? What time?

Sunday, January 20, 2008, 8:43 PM

ok. I've changed my opinion of Fahrenheit. I like it as much as before now. I liked it when I was crazy over Hana Kimi. Then... yeah... So. I've wacthed more dramas. And we went home with the boys on Friday. I found out that they we all so guai. Aiyo... And very inconsiderate. Even Jun Hong is turning 'black' now...

Thursday, January 10, 2008, 7:52 PM
I think i successfully got into NYCB!

Well, this morning, I brushed my teeth, ate my breakfast and walked to school. Oh darn. I'm so used to walking to school that even when I'm supposed to walk to the bus interchange that I walked towards Concord today. My mum went downstairs and brought me my umbrella and was laughing her head off. sheesh. Then she brought me to the interchange. I saw Molly walk past me near the interchange and he was like a ghost! You know those Chinese dramas with ghosts, especially vengeful ghosts? The way they 'float' in front off you. Yea, he was like that. I was like, what's that... A HCI guy. Who's that with the hemhem hair. Molly. Then I went in line and saw him standing at the side waiting for the other boys. I mean, what's the point? I don't need to wait for Jun Hui, I'll see her in school anyway. And he missed the 6.10 bus and Jun Hui said they took the 6.15 bus. Poor things. I prefer getting to school early. I usually sleep on the bus for a while but I always wake up nearing NYGH. =D

Then the day was rather boring, just that I like my Nanzhong Quan coach, my Lang Arts teacher, my History teacher and I still can't find any problems with my geography teacher, just a little bit similar to Mdm Mona Lee, just a little not-as-good.

Then I went for my band (NYCB = Nanyang Concert Band) audition and the teacher asked me before she tried me out if I wanted to switch Band into 1st choice with Choir. I didn't as I had no confidence in band, what they do, if I'll like it, and trusted being in choir more but inside, I was aching to try out something new, and especially if it was musical too. But I still like singing a lot. Actually I still want choir a lot as well but decisions are made and I can't be fickle-minded. The teacher told me that I did very well and I decided to change it to 1st choice so there is a great chance that I will get in. Just remind me to get the audition signature for choir. And Girl Guides is my third and last choice. forget about the signatures for that. And I heard the boys want NPCC, Jun Hong and Gavin. What's with them... anyway, personal choices...

BTW, Grace got a locker and her codes is like, so weird and tough to turn while mine is sweet. And I only have a super thin layer of dust on the the bottom of mine while hers is filled with cobwebs, the poor thing. I think no one used it, it's at the bottom and the clerk told me, when i asked if she could try not to give me the bottom one, that that row is very, very seldom rented out. Spiders love to crawl in and the girls would rather get the ones on the 1st level than getting a bottom one. Sorry Grace.

Then I went home smiling on the bus and saw Mrs Wong. She lives in CCK TOO! And i know where she lives now... *smiles evilly I, i mean we, boarded the bus for old folkes or something and the bus driver should retake his driving test, it was really jerky and an old granny nearly fell down. Then one grumpy one stood behind me and I was chatting with Mrs Wong. I kept falling and nearly, take note, nearly knocked into the grumpy old lady numerous counts and she glared at me. I mean I was holding my books and my bag was heavy and the driver was like. sheesh. Mrs Wong had something to lean on. Nope, she wasn't the extra fat and grumpy type but the mean and skinny witch-like person. sheesh. Can't she pity the small, short girl carrying a whole lot of books???

Wednesday, January 09, 2008, 7:53 PM

OK... School's boring. Like all my teachers so far. Though senior Kelly warns about my Geography teacher, Amy Lim. Wonder what's so bad about her... *trembles

My angel's kinda nice, gave me her hp and all and hey! She's like, totally humourous. I was laughing my head off reading her letter. okok, i'm VERY ticklish but. you geddit? Darn. I don't have a long, long, long post to write...

Monday, January 07, 2008, 6:35 PM

Well, this morning, We only needed to reach school by 8.20am (teachers' contact time and welfare blablabla) so i woke up 30 minutes later and took the 6.30 bus. I thought there might be a traffic jam or something. It was not only when i reached school at 7.11am when i understood the cause of the traffic jam. It was because of the parents who drove their daughters to school! I mean, NJC won't be driven to school, how old are they? And HCI High and College are on the opposite side of the road so their parents take a different route. So there wasn't any traffic jam, 'cept for a mini one at the expressway. Next time i'll take the 6.45am bus on Mondays. I reached school and Grace sitting ever so lonely outside the classroom and so i went to get the key to open up the classroom. Boy was the key large! How fun... Then i went in and played a game on my handphone (nope, i won't bore you with the details...) and Jun Hui at 7.30. She took the 6.45 bus. Still so early. But later will sure jam on the expressway.

During morning assembly. the NYCB (Nanyang Concert Band) played the National Anthem and School Song 'live' fromt he thrid floor without any mikes and it was so loud, so clear and so perfect... How pro. How cool. I WANT TO JOIN THE BAND... But the choir isn't that bad. Neither is the theatre club. I'm trying for three. The rest i don't think i want.

Then the Sec 1 installation ceremony rehearsal took place and I was the shortest in class. Actually, 2nd shortest but the shoes make a difference. So I sat in front and me and Sarah fgot attacked by the evil mini minipedes millipedes. No, really. They were like, really really small even for millipedes. One brave senior stepped on it and it curled up and emitted this smelly, 'poisonous' gas so one 1/11 girl flicked it away and I bet that it landed in some 1/13 girl's hair. haha. Then i had to stand in the middle of the line and so suai, I was chosen to receive whatever the person giving stuff out was going to give me. Maybe a certificate saying "Certificate of being a Nanyang Girl" or a letter saying "CONGRATS! YOU GOT INTO NANYANG! HOW WONDERFULLY FANTASTIC!" I mean the whole ceremony thing is like, totally redundant. Maybe we need to wear our formal jackets or dress up in the yellow Nanyang official formal attire, the one with a blue scarf. haha. I mean, in a special white attire with a blue scarf and a yellow jacket. How wonderfully exciting. ho-hum. yawn.

Then it was the Breakfast Bash. There was a cookie for each class. Rather large and delicious. Chocolate flavoured. I ate like, 3 bits. There was such a nice cheer. The food cheer and the random class cheer we got.
Ours was the the most popular and famous(?) Nanyang cheer. I think the seniors from other school would have heard it at competitions. It goes like this :
not bad right?
I think that a few decades back when HCI was at our campus site, Nanyang was situated at the top of a hill (?) so therefore the mountain river. Hey. At least it's better than Tiffany's one.
(Sing it in a weird voice and tune)
There once a man named Richard
And Richard had a son
And people say that Richardson is Number 1

How very funny. No offence. I'm like, so amused. But I like RGS's motto better than Nanyang. Come on! Compare 'Daughters of a better age' to "Every Nanyang Girl is a respected member of society". RGS' one definitely is more sophiscated and nicer. It also has it's very own song! Unlike NYGH's. Which has it very own... CROSSWORD PUZZLE dedicated to it. sheesh.

Then it was PSL's lesson about peer pressure and time management. We had to do a skit and we tried to escape. Then we were like,
-Sarah, you're puny and innocent so you'll be the victim.
-Yea. You're small and tiny and... cute?
-*hit*hit*hit. Fiona's short too!
-But she doesn't look small and innocent and vulnerable.
We practically spent the whole time laughing.

I also found out that RGS classrooms are designed to become changing rooms. The windows are opaque and the change inside the classrooms. Yea. removing tops and skirts. That is so open. I suggested it but we have male teachers and the windows are 90% transparent.

Sunday, January 06, 2008, 9:17 AM

Life's boring. nothing much to talk about the weekends...

Friday, January 04, 2008, 8:07 PM
CCA exhibition - Orientation Day 3

I finally found out the cause of the throbbing headache I had all of yesterday. I had heatstroke and loss of mineral and salts in my blood. Usually people eat more salt than me so I get it more often when i sweat too much. I like, eat as little salt as possible. If something has too much of a flavour (sweet, sour, salty, etc., etc.), I can't eat it but if it has no taste at all, I don't mind a little bit. That's why I eat everything my mum cooks. And even if she forgets to put salt, I don't really notice...

Anyway, today morn was the telematch and amazing race. we had to put straws in either our mouths or between our knees. alternate. i took the mouth so i had to squat and pass the straws. 1/12 won. =D then it was the hulahoop race. 1/13 won. D= last was the water bags. 2 people had to fill up plastic/sandwich bags and tie them and the rest of us had to fling them to the other with black garbage bags. I paired with Jun Hui. Although we didn't scream or anything and we were quiet, we won. Who said so much for cheering? We kept all our energy to concentrating on how to win. The prize? Two bags of sweets. As we had less ppl in class, each of us got 4 with leftovers for the teacher. haha.

Next was amazing race. it cut directly into our recess and we only discovered that our recess was over when we got back to class. And we were late for the talk in the audi. sheesh. And the talk was super boring, except for Aunty Siva Mrs Koh's part, counselling. She asked two questions together and when no one attempted to answer, she was like, "I know two names and I think they know who they are. I am tempted to use them but I wouldn't do that to them." Jun Hui and I were like freaked out for a second.

The super boring talk cut into our luunch break for 15 minutes, 1/4 of the time. Evil. First was all of our recess gone and then 1/4 of lunch break gone.

The was the CCA part. The mini concert was super. The ensembles were good, Band was amazing, the dances were great, and stuff. Choir sang two incredibly hard pieces. It looked and sounded easy to Grace and Jun Hui but it was hard. I can tell. We went to sign up for stuff. Here's a list of stuff i signed up to audition for:
- Theatre (English Drama)
- Choir :)
- Concert Band
- Artistics Gymnastics
- Chinese Dance
- Modern Dance

Why the heck did I sign up for Chinese dance??? ARGH! Grace, Jun Hui and I foolishly did so. Sheesh. Both of then signed up for the UG group, Grace for both ST John's and NPCC, Jun Hui only NPCC. Crazy ah. Train like hell.

Someone drew a judo pic, super cute, with words which resembles those of Kelly's(Kimberly has them all over her stationary) on the whiteboard. Then someone wrote that my angel was there and would write me a letter soon. blablabla. what's the point? write me a letter then. Rachel got 2, if not 3. Letters, I mean.

I finally got back my Nokia today from the Nokia Care Centre. YAY! :)

Thursday, January 03, 2008, 3:41 PM

well, today is the second day of school.
Yesterday was boring. I mean i went to school and found out that both me and Jun Hui were in the same class, S1/12. The last class was S1/13 so naturally, we were both freaking out that we were in the second lousiest class. It was really frightening and even if we were in the second best class, wouldn't the 1st class be incredible? anyway, there were only 20-odd ppl in Singapore who got 280+ and me and JunHui had 278 in NYGH.
Then we found out that we were in the GEP class. Jun Hui was freaking out but the materials were the same except for the assignments and the GEP-trained teachers. Same exams, so didn't we gain an advantage? I made a new friend from St. Hilda's Pri Sch, Grace. She's real nice and stuff but sorry about my frankness Grace (you should get used to it. With many apologies, that's me.), it was really weird to see ppl with like, lame handphones and you had a black and white screen one so it was a little unusual. But to make up for it, you had this superb MP3... I say many ppl with nice phones though.
And yesterday morn, i saw Mally and Gavin take a taxi to school at around 6. They'll probably arrive at 6.15 to 6.30am. Aiyo, waste money for what?

Today, i woke up one the dot, i think even before my alarm rang, at 5. I'm a slowpoke so... anyway, i took the bus at 6, and reached there on time. We saw the three boys. Jun Hui agreed that Mally's hair looked a little like a bomb explosion. =D We got a seat on the bus but the poor boys had to stand and Jun Hong looked like erm... ahem anyway, Sports CCA tryouts were exhausting but fun. I mean, basketball was out for me, too short, track & field is like, impossible, and then it was softball. Because Jun Hui volunteered to try, i tried too, so did Grace. I tried throwing the ball (something like basball) and they ticked against my name and told the four of us (including a girl called Samantha who acts like Erica.) to go to the batting station. There was this stand with a ball and you had to wave a bat and hit the ball which should land in a training net. I batted and hit the balls for the three tries, with good senoirs telling me what to do. Sam kept hitting the stand and Jun Hui and Grace missed but the senoirs said it was because of the heavier bats. The three of us, exculding Sam, were ticked. Softball is fun. i'm considering if they offer me. =D
The rest sucked. Squash was fun but whatever to do with rackets, i sucked. Badmintion is out, squash is like, a complete failure and tennis, forget it. Judo was like, urgh. I couldn't somersault properly, couldn't lift and throw Kelly, and like, fell and it hurt. Yep, it's Kimberly's sis, Kelly. I can't believe she recognised us! She was really nice.
Then it was aristic gymnastics. It looked fun and i might grow taller and i got a chance to try. I jumped onto the trampoline (a little fearfully, ofcourse!) and bounced, doing jumping jacks. It wasn't that bad... and then i jumped too high and i squealed when i came down, then after a few more jumps i caught my toe in a hole and fell. then i went to the practice trampoline and had fun, deerately trying to grow taller. Then it was wushu. First was bending down and i did that well, reaching the floor with my hands crossed and flipped over. I was ticked for that. That was stretching and punching air. last was jumping. Is it high jump? I could do the first one but the second one was too high and i knew ii wouldn't make it and my legs couldn't jump, too scared. I had fallen enough that day. Jun Hui did it beautifully. *appplause*
Then i think it was shooting. It looked so fun, i was tempted to join but after trying, i gave up. The guns were horribly heavy, with the pistol like 3 kg, and rifle like 5kg. Anyway, it was freaking heavy, my arms broke.
Anyway, the offers will be given tomorrow and the other CCAs with be exhibited tomorrow. I want to try for Choir, Band, Debate and drama. Try then can choose what. Gavin actually said i was too enthu.
Anyway, i saw that NYGH girls need not neccesary go to HCI. I want to go to RJC or VJC.
Anyway, i am starting to believe that the cute boys in HCI are locked up in the dungeon. Well, i think that the cuter ones go to RI and the nerdy ones are in HCI. That's by my observations so far.