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Sunday, February 07, 2010, 11:25 PM





Saturday, February 06, 2010, 1:43 PM
Flag Day = Slack Day?!

I really don't know why some people do flag day for CIP. I mean, I acknowledge the fact that it is really tiring to stand all day, sometimes under the hot sun, just to get people to stuff coins into a tin can. But it's all for doing good deeds, isn't it? CIP itself is to help the society right? But how come all the students, maybe they are my senior, maybe they are my juniors, whom I see doing flag day, especially around Lot 1 and the MRT station, do not seem to get it?

Some students, hold on to their tin cans like it's all they have, stand beside one lonely pillar and look at passer-bys. Are you actually hoping for everyone to see you and donate like that? Who would. You might not even be asking for donations! Some, get their friends to hold on to their tin cans, or just hold it with one hand, and in the other hand, they've got some kind of junk food, eating/drinking it and chatting happily with their friends, completely ignoring whatever the tin can is meant for.

Some, even more ridiculous, shrink away in one corner, talking to their friends, and when a passer-by like me, a possible donor, looks at one of them straight in the eye, then stare at the tin can, they look at me with a glance that says, "why are you looking at me? Go do your own business." I mean, when someone looks at you, usually one would go up to them and politely ask for donations, sometimes stating your cause (Eg. SPCA) and always with a big friendly smile plastered onto your face. Why would you turn around and back-face possible donors.

Also, when people who want to donate go up to you and put coins into the slit initiatively, why do most of you (Esp. the ones doing today.) give them a look as if it's their responsibility and duty to donate money, and you're still grumbling about them donating too little. Shouldn't you smile and say "thank you" politely at least?

Please, my fellow Singaporean students. Flag Day may be boring and tiring, but isn't CIP supposed to be like this? If you're not looking to help people, but just slacking there, hoping to earn some easy CIP hours, I think that you guys are ruining the MOE's intention of implementing compulsory CIP and making it unfair for those who actually put in their heart and soul into helping others.

Thursday, February 04, 2010, 8:31 PM
Auditioned for Juliet


我成功了!我Audition成功啦!呵呵。终于,我可以逃出后台这个坟墓(quoth Waiyee姐)跑到台上发挥喽!而且我是《梁山伯与祝英台》的女主角:朱丽叶!mwahahaha. 女主角第一候选人。如果没什么事发生的话,呵呵,Tingyu,我绝对不会让你有机可乘的!