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Saturday, December 01, 2007, 10:03 AM

Well, i finished watching Green Forest, My home on Wednesday and on Thursday, i started on a Japanese drama. I could only read the subs as the audio was in Jap. I loaned it from Tiffany by the way. It is called Proposal Daisakusen and it's really really nice. I finished it in a day, 9 hours straight. Then yesterday, i rewatched it but i took a longer time and finished it this morning. Erm... While i was rewatching it, i took down some jap phrases (in romaji, of course.) So Tiffany was like, so hard-working, crazy ah? I am trying to memorise it but i still have a korean drama, my own, Witch YooHee. Since the hols will be super boring, i feel like loaning more from Tiffany, she has so many good ones! =D