depresión desesperación I have been hurt
Thursday, May 17, 2007, 3:13 PM

Amanda got in for the bilingual. CONGRSTULATIONS!!!!!!!!! I'm upset but so be it. I'm lousy it's my fault. Concord is GREAT!!! GO CONCORD!!! GO AMANDA!!!!

i am seriously in love. Goodness knows why. I'm just head over heels in love with.......... Maybe i'll not say. Go on guess! it'll be so much fun... (sniggers)

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Saturday, May 12, 2007, 6:59 PM

HI! i'm at bukit merah library and i'll blog about this afternoon.
i blogged that i went to the movies with my friends right? We ate plenty of popcorn and drank drinks. Anyway. a group of girls in front and a group of boys at the back were very noisy. giggling and chatting and talking, blah, blah blah. inconsiderate. They were so loud too! the movie was SUPERB!!!! when harry orsborn died, Shammah felt like crying. me too!!! it was so touching.................. Poor MJ...

9:54 AM

yesterday the bilingual was so-so. i dun think i stand a chance. i missed out 4 questions. no time. stupid right? Malcolm offended KImberly and was miserable the whole day. NO wonder i sensed something was wrong when he offered to help me with itsy-bitsy.
today some of us are going to the movies. i'm excited.

Thursday, May 10, 2007, 3:37 PM

hi! exams are finally over. WHew! today Mrs Raymond gave us a lengthy lecture. I was practically in ears at the end of it. don't laugh. ANyway. Forget about that,

Relief teacher came in and Malcolm and I sort of 'masterminded' something. Itsy Bitsy and a string. NIce! FUN!!! it was so fantastic. Mabel practically screamed.Can you believe it? My dad.... he had a funnier reaction. i'll be playing Maple today. I do not want to talk about the papers. nor state my results this time. And Malcolm has been nicer these weeks.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007, 6:15 PM

today's maths paper was horrible. okok, i breezed through the first few parts then at Section C the last few questions, i died! I was panicking and felt a surge of tears surfacing. i was desperate and wantedd to tear the paper up and kill myself! but if i tear the paper up i definitely HAVE to kill myself, no doubt 'bout that. anyway, the rest of the day was so-so. Tomorrow's mother tongue paper i will try my best but i know that 3 A stars have already flown away........................(*sobs)

Malcolm's birthday was ok. I gave him a box of normal matches since my bro stole them. For what? For FUN lah! I prefer colour so don't mind me. if it turns out awful i'll change it back to white ok? anyway. I gave him a CD case (As well) and SHammah commented that she got one too. Shammah, i may have decorated his better but the ribbon was a joke, ok? I made yours myself. From plastic clay i mean. During SUnday youth club class. I wanted to put your name there but i ruined it. so i cut it off. hope yo u don't mind and if i'm lucky, you can't see the scratches. Mally, it doesn't mean that i 'anyhow' did yours. JUst t hat i did it nicely as i was bored. i never d reamt that i would be doing a present for such an Ah Beng like you but ok lah, you're not all that bad. (*coughs) (*coughs AGAIN)

BY the way, Mrs Dass came in again. I was putting my sweet wrapper into my pencil case when i saw a person walking by and i turned my head to see who it was and it was mrs DASS!!! my eyes w idened horribly and i turned back and pushed in my chair. Mrs Raymond saw her and got a shock, stopped for a while so the whole class turned and looked. I betcha she wanted to scold me for eating swwets in class but when she caught a glimpse of the sweet container on the teacher's table and everybody seemed to be doing that and Mrs Raymond didn't mind, she gave up. I hope Mrs Raymond doesn't get a scolding!

Wish me luck for my exam. Happy BIrthday MALCOLM!(don't m ind me calling you Mally [pronounced as 'mol-lee'] HEHE!!! :)

Monday, May 07, 2007, 9:28 PM
the end of the earth and the coming of the anti-christ

OH MY GOODNESS! HORRIBLE Side effects of global warming has finally appeared. not that i want it but. 26 tornadoes and twisters have appeared in the U.S. from Staurday until now. horrible. HUmans are going to be extinct very soon but i think Americans are mostly very good-hearted people so very little casualties very caused by the hurricanes. For more information, check out
ok? my heart went all the way out for those ppl people (i think i should use a more serious term here.) affected. Although they did not die, they have to go through a life worst than death, the torture of being homeless. but the U.S. is very reliable so they will not suffer as badly as the survivors of the tsunami in 2004 as they were mostly from poorer countries. ALL THE BEST, AMERICANS!!! May God be with you.

4:19 PM

today was such disatrous day! ok, now my computer is lagging. okok. fixed it! anyway. our english paper was not easy. stupid computer. sorry! i didn't mean to insult you. you needn't throw a tantrum and hang the screen!!!! anyway. i lost four marks at least. BOO-HOO-HOO-HOO-HOO-HOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Recess was magnificent! we chatted and chatted and chatted some more! erica sort of pranced around and did a gesture which was utterly amusing and hilarious!

Caleb brought a life-like spider.He showed it to me and 'protected' it like protecting a real one. Erica asked me if it was real. I had a glint in my eye and said "yes, yes. you want to touch that cute spider?" Caleb was a little shocked but recovered almost instantly. Erica saw it, though. She (suspiciously, as she did not really think I was serious.) asked Caleb if it was real. HE nodded with a mischievious grin and winked at me as i was staring at him as if he had grown two green horns. (dunno why green, just an idea) As the spider was life-like, Erica backed away. I had an plan instantly and turned around and asked her "you don't believe me ah? Want to touch it and see?" She shook her head frantically while wearing that stupid smile as usual. I turned around to find Caleb walking with michael away. I called out "Caleb! Caleb! Erica don't believe leh! She wants to touch it!" He turned around and grinned while walking towards me. I turned around while calling 'eri...' My eyes scanned the crowd and saw erica at the back of it. It must have been funy to see her run so fast. :) Anyway. Caleb, michael and i made our way to her and Caleb held it in front of her and jerked it towards her face and she screamed, running away. (more like a piercing shriek, actually!) I laughed and laughed and laughed my head off! I laughed until tears came out. It was so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOu should've seen it.

and mrs raymond brought us to the com lab and Malcolm jerked the spider at her. She was SHOCKED!!! no words could describe her reaction and i laughed, again! I wonder if Ms Chin would react in that same manner! It would be absoulutely hilarious!

there was this 'music' played (it was in one of the science lessons in Lead portal):
*creepy music*
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *hair stands up like Einstein and a FREAK!

Funny right? i was laughing and laughing and laughing.

and i found out i wrote out of point for my normal chinese compo. i cannot get an A star for that anymore lah. Damn. i wanted to get 5 A stars so badly......... (*burst into tears, drenching the whole computer) i feel so depressed. if teacher never tell me better. boo hoo. hey! if my higher mother tongue get A star then maybe i can get 5 a stars!

Sunday, May 06, 2007, 4:48 PM

WOW!!! i know my Higher chinese results on Friday. only remebered when i read Jun Hong's blog. anyway. Guess what i got! I got highest, again. 55/60 for paper 2!!!
Excellent! Hong lao shi gave me a packet of biscuits (i got two since i got the other one as my group won for the month of April) and a nice noteblook. yeah, it's pink but pink is nice. Shammah, you may not find it nice but to each his own, remember? i will consider taking off the top ten best friends list and add in something else. Wish me luck for my 'heavy' exams (in the word of Mrs Dass) which are, unfortunately, starting tomorrow. HMT wasn't too bad lah. For both my chinese and Higher chinese compos, i wrote 4 pages. not too bad. my hand wasn't tired, so Jun hong, don't complain! (it may be due to my writing alot everytime. hehe *sniggers) anyway, revising for exams is like, medicine for ppl who cannot sleep. what's the term again? AARGH!!! ignore that. by the way, i was planning to either give Malcolm a box of matches or a catapult. i asked him which he wanted and he said as he could make a catapult, he wanted matches. oh BOy! he doesn't know what the matches do! they stay alit only for moments but long enough for you to see the flicker but they cannot burn anything. i tried. not even my hand or a leaf! after the matches go out a spout of flame burst out like a water gun but only it's smoke. i checked on Firday and yesterday. it's still there. my bro hasn't got it. wait. i'll check again!
AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a box of normal matches are here! now i know why my bro was fighting in school and his teacher said he nearly burnt down the whole school! darn that rat! now i'll have to give him a CD case like shammah's! only that was the nicest cd case that wasn't filled with a cd! now i'll have to decorate it. luckily i've nearly finished my revision. CHinese is the same as HMT. same file. briefly look through can already lah.
i forgot to tell my dad about my marks. gotta go! Wish me luck. Curse the exams! give us all the answers can already lah! but the joy of exams is scoring better than some ppl which include Amanda and some others. Mdm mona Lee better not gloat! HRUMPH!

Saturday, May 05, 2007, 2:30 PM

i told my mum to buy G2 pen refills and she went and bought 0.7 ones instead of 0.5 ones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW HORRIBLE!!!! i sould've gone to buy it myself but mrs raymond said not to. how can she? she is so not our mother. she should be satisfied as long as we do our best. and she called my mother on thursday. can you believe it??? she actually called her!!!!!!!!!!! the worst part is, she didn't call her while i was at home. I TOTALLY MISSED SEEING MY MUM'S FACIAL EXPRESSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Malcolm is so stupid. when i told him someone acts very lady-like whenever he's around and blushes when he laughs at her jokes or talks to her, he asked me who it was. (natural but look at what he guessed.)
he pointed to KImberly with a look of disbelief. i shook my head. he thought for a while and asked me, "you ah?" i stared at him with an incredulous look. one thought was racing through my mind. "ME????????? crazy ah?" then Kimberly told him. (to find out who it is, no, no, dun ask me. observe urself. soon later i told malcolm, "Malcolm, if it was me ah, would i tell you?"
then he had a why-was-i-so-stupid look and said, "yah hor.YAH HOR!!!" Funny people some are. revising for exams is as boring as watching erm... the finger show. aiya, you will not u nderstand one lah. my aunt gave me this cd when i was P2 and forced me to watch it. meant for 2 year olds. at the bottom of the cd was a label that said "for 2 year olds". CAN SHE READ???? i was P2! 8 years old.

p.s. she can read.

p.p.s. what do you think of my new blogskin.

p.p.p.s.i'll change my url on friday or saturday.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007, 8:23 PM

HI! i changed my blgoskin if you guys noticed. tomorrow is chinese compo and oh! i think i'm quite ready but i'm still so very nervous, as if a lion is g oing to swallow me alive as soon as i get the exam papers!! that's why i'm g oing to to revise. and i forgot to tell you about what happened yesterday. dumb thing, actually

i was dismissed after school and ate my lunch, went to my music teacher's house, lesson ended, sat on the bus home. guess what? i was too absorbed in thinking of my exams that i forgot to press the stop button!!! i was sent all the way to the interchange. so i had to walk all the way home. then, on the way, i met a friend who was studying in kranji. stupid of me right? i bet that the pperson reading this will:
a) laugh
b) call me stupid, idiot, etc.
c) shake their heads
d) think this is a joke
e) scorn

one or more. i think i'll be right. wish me luck.